Get your digital content planned and designed at a fraction of the cost of hiring an employee!

Online marketing is a way for every business to communicate with their audience. In today’s time… It is an absolute necessity to be online! This way you provide value to your followers, build relationships by engaging them and yes, …Grow Your Business!!!

What will you enjoy…?

1.Customized Social Media Graphics:

It is a surveyed fact that the posts with pictures get 48% more likes on facebook, a widely used platform by famous brands to engage their audience. Graphics customized to your needs with your company logo shall definitely drive attention to your posts hereafter.

catchy phrases, famous and motivational quotes, funny anecdotes and promotional content are just a few examples of graphics that you shall get.

2. Well Articulated Blogs:

Blogs are the best way to share a resourceful content with your appreciators. A well-articulated blog shall surely drive more attention to your online profile. It is a slow yet sure way to gain trust via online marketing. You are entitled to around 500 words long blogs at your disposal.

3.Social Media Content Calendar:

Timing is the most important factor in social media marketing. What if all your stress of guessing the correct time to post the content is taken care of? Every month you shall receive a new content calendar to aid your changing social media presence. It shall guide you to utilize your month more effectively on online platforms.

4.Monthly Update Meeting:

  • The first meeting in person or on skype shall help me understand your needs and requirements. Then you may fill the questionnaire about your business, current online engagements, and other profiling preferences.
  • I shall present you a content board for you to approve.
  • On your agreement, I shall prepare your customized graphics and blogs in an engaging format within next week.
  • This cycle shall repeat every month with subsequent monthly update meetings.

Have an access to a brand new content calendar with customized graphics for all your social media engagement needs.



Will the content work for my business?

Yes! the content is going to be customized for your business and its needs. Various aspects like motivation, humor, empowerment, business and promotions shall be included in the content.

What kind of businesses is this for?

ANY business. Your business can be Product based or Service based, the service is a fit because of its customized nature. Many popular industries are small businesses, professionals, product/ e-commerce, b2b merchandising companies and online business owners.

Will I get personalized graphics and blog content?

ABSOLUTELY. You shall have your logo on the graphics to create brand awareness. The blogs too shall be written on your behalf with personalized content for your audience.

What results will I get?

The main aim of the service is to improve your visibility over the digital globe. Any footprints cannot pave a path as fast as it seems. Even if we can guarantee you the apt content, the results may vary depending on the execution. However, a strategized content shall definitely show you increase your brand awareness.

We can’t guarantee any results because your results are highly dependent on your execution of the program. However, we know if you implement the strategy and content as outlined, you will see an increase in engagement, fans, and sales.

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