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Customized Services!

Conducting Market Research

Working with your team, we discover the opportunities in the market for your company by identifying the best tool lying under your brand wings. Our extensive research helps crucial decision making and drives your Brand Strategy. Some of our adopted methods with effective results are:

  • Market Trend analysis
  • Customer Insights
  • Competitor Audit
  • Company DNA Analysis
  • Brand Equity Assessment

Developing Brand Strategy 

This helps us to build a detailed action plan for a long-term. Branding goals are categorized into smaller actionable plans over a long run, which are further broken down into specific activities suiting the external environment. Each of such activity is supervised by Saiyati to ensure the consistent delivery of brand promise. Brand Communication theme and plan are developed at this stage based on

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Brand Structure
  • Brand Identity and Positioning

Designing Brand Elements

Branding through physical evidence at the point of contact with the customers is as important as outdoor branding initiatives. Saiyati works hand in hand with some leading design agencies to cultivate the Brand Indicators for a client. Some of our highly appreciated works have been for

  • Visual Identity
  • Communication Collaterals
  • Environment Branding

Conducting Brand Workshops

Saiyati approaches branding as a unified concept. It’s not only limited  to your marketing department but every single person in your organization shall deliver your brand promise. To bring every individual in your organization to work on the Brand Promise, she conducts internal engagement and training programs. She successfully instills and inspires brand loyalty amongst the employees, in turn enhancing customer experience. Each employee becomes your brand manager!!

Internal training is important for the entire team to remain focused and aligned to the brand vision and promise. Some of her workshops are dedicated for:

  • Sales Pitch
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Brand Culture Workshops

Creating Brand Content

Refine the voice of your brand!

Your presence online or offline carries a message that imprints a brand image in the mind of readers. Saiyati serves engaging content through digital media on a silver platter to your audience via worthy social media platforms, websites and blogs. She aims is to present the content in your customized Brand Voice. Each month a distinct content calendar for branded blog post graphics, writing/formatting for SEO and articles for your website (via WordPress) shall await your approval.