Your digital presence can make or break your impression!

Brand is your unique connect with your customers. It sets you apart from the competition.

Be sure of putting your right foot forward in the online chaos. You can build authority, credibility, and likability by following all or some these guidelines.

#1 Emerge To Be Unique

“Oh! This is an attractive campaign. Let’s replicate it!” – NO. This is exactly the behaviour you need to avoid for building a brand. If you follow the existing example step by step, you will hardly be considered as a unique brand! Understand your core competence, your brand value and then initiate a campaign suiting your needs.

#2 Consistency Is The Key

“Anything pronounced for a 1000 times, becomes the truth!” Keep consistency in your social presence. The audience then shall have one more reason to believe on your reliability. Make sure the tone of voice and other brand elements like colour, style, images, fonts etc. that represent YOU on digital platform are consistent.


#3 Sync Your Branding Elements

Now that we know the importance of brand elements to represent your work, isn’t it important to sync them with the brand values? Let me simplify it for You. For example, you want to express “excitement” through your brand. Colours like gray, pale blue or brown would have difficulty in conveying the emotion. But bright colours may serve the purpose. So think before you leap.

#4 Utilize The Channels Available

Social Media is only a part of your digital presence. There is a lot more to take care of. Email Marketing & Content Marketing through blogs, ebooks, newsletters – are simply some examples of it. So do not blindside your online marketing strategy to such important components.

#5 Stick To Your Personality

You will never be able to please everyone around you, how much ever hard you try! It is better to stick to your brand Identity and express your opinion likewise. Be careful about respecting other people’s view point. But do not shy away from being who you are.

#6 Be Available

No client is impressed if you show them how busy you are! Address to the queries received. Getting inquiry is probably the best thing happening to you. Your marketing efforts are paying off. Ignoring or even delaying your response to them would be a mistake. Take out time and respect the requests honestly. They might not give you monetary consideration instantly but believe me, you are not wasting time. You are creating ‘trust’ for your brand.

#7 Make sure you are visible

Are you active on the platforms where your target audience is? If not, how much ever great your content may be, it is in dark inaccessible pit for your desired audience. Make sure you engage them on their preferred platform to call them for action.


#8 A Perfect Marketing Team

If you do not want to employ, you can always outsource your marketing to an outsourced reliable third party. The expert intervention thus may function in almost the same cost aligned to your marketing function. Specialized consultants shall help you run an effective campaign keeping you as the face of your brand.

#9  Sophisticated Presence

You are a business person. Unless you are a graphic designer, please hire experts to design a sophisticated logo for you. The logo is going to have an imprint on most of the goods that your business is going to possess and pass on to customers on a later date. Visual identity is the most important aspect of building a positive online presence.


 #10 First Give, Then Take

Do not expect to enjoy fruits without sowing seeds. You cannot expect customers to trust you in a snap. Be a consistent support to them. Provide valuable content to them and Help them selflessly in need. Slowly you shall be proudly sitting in their good books. After this, when you announce the launch of a product/service, the word will spread like fire. Such word of mouth reference shall do wonders for you.

What did you miss? Share your input in the comments section and I shall guide you to rectify the action.

3 thoughts on “10 Pillars For Online Branding

  1. This article is really great. It talks about essentials of branding in a nutshell. It kind of is like a starter guide for any one who wants to really understand the concept and enjoy the benefits of branding.


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