“Beautiful!” my interns exclaimed while gasping at my super organized desk. Flattered, I added, “What I observe is better productivity”.

Well, that’s me. I have a habit of writing everything down on paper. That can be a to-do list for the day or shopping list. It can be my notes for the next presentation or even next blog excerpt. It is not that far in the past for my desk to get overflowed with such reminders and notes, until I discovered the concept of Bullet journal.


The concept revolves around uniting all your pen-paper tasks. That may be your household menu of the week or grocery list. Be it shopping list for cleaning supplies or tasks to be delegated for a tension free holiday. It can be your motivational quote for the day or your gratitude log. If you feel like jotting it down in your diary or simply doodle, this is your destination. You use one journal for all of them. That’s bullet journaling. It is further explained in the video Introduction to bullet journal.


It might sound silly to some people but honestly, it’s great fun. To me, the idea to start a journal was not much overwhelming. It gave me a new opportunity to use my colour pencils!! Well, for starters it can be more confusing than expected. Because it is difficult to decide on what to include in your journal and what to opt out from. But at the end of the day, it is your personal endeavour. Who is to judge! So write, doodle, draw, use sticky notes or embellish it with your preferred tapes. Get creative!

And if you land up on a page which you feel proud to share, there are so many people with whom you can share your creation!! I didn’t realize the bullet journaling to be such wide- spread concept in the West before I joined a forum on Facebook specially dedicated to the concept.


A great place to get together with creative minds was finally discovered. Valerie Albers, as new to bullet journaling, is now my friend! Mother of two, she started journaling since July 2016, only to find the concept interesting and result oriented. Managing the schedule, household chores, and school becomes easier if tasks do not tend to slip from your mind. Her journal ensures they do not!! She has helped me in finding the supplies for Bullet journal. She had once exclaimed to my query of how does it benefit you in the exact words, “I’m definitely more on top of things I need to get done and I absolutely love the time I take to write in it. I’m much less stressed trying to remember the things and keep organized with two small children plus is get to be artistic in my own way!”


If you would give it a try, you may encounter a new self-appreciating creative master. The Beauty of the journal lies in the concept is that it allows being productive via creating something beautiful. Now I love my scheduling time. Every day, I look forward to it. My creative productivity ledger has brushed its impact on my family members as well. They have started maintaining a diary for her habit tracker!

Please share your experiences with me through the comments. Awaiting pictures of your beautiful productive layouts.

3 thoughts on “Bullet Journaling

  1. Thank you so much for including me in this post! Bullet journaling has been a life saver to me and you explained it beautifully. I hope your blog brings many more to the journey of Bullet journals! You did amazing 🙂


  2. Yes…i agree…earlier i used to mess up….but after adding this principle in my life…things got better n more organsised..loved your blog.


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