This is an essence of my branding experience so far. These five ideas have evolved slowly with the changing time.

 1.The Logo can be designed after establishing a brand.

I have observed so many of the start-ups who do not start working until they land on a great business name or have its logo designed. Well, it might be difficult for all the brand consultants to agree with me but I would advise to launch your idea and get started with it! Finding a logo or perfect colour or designing new text can drain your resources that you should use to fuel up your business idea!

You can always come up with a name or change your logo or upgrade your designer text at a later date once you have enough resources.

2.  The Background stuff is equally important

I am hardly surprised to meet people with the view of “I do not need to research the market, I just need to look good to be sold”. Well, it is difficult to cater such needs without understanding market trends. It is important to provide full support to your brand consultant on understanding the background to get the best out of them.

More importantly, it is important to discover the patterns in the industry and gathering customer insights for setting growth goals and laying the foundation with the real core of your business.


3. Visual branding is much wider than logo

The idea of having the logo on everything from pens to t-shirts at the workplace is such a cliché. You can have excellent visual branding even if you do not imprint your logo on everything you do. The visual branding can make use of the selected colour patterns, typography or may be the texture to help you stand out.

Plastering the same logo on everything may give out a feel of insecurity among the brand. So create a brand guideline document to set up the visual elements for a happening look.

4. Treat everyone with same zeal

I understand that you want to perform the best via serving your appropriate target audience. Yet, if a client who does not specifically fall into the category of your ideal client persona, attend him with the equal zeal. You never know how influencing his word-of-mouth publicity can be! It may open gates of the opportunities you would have never imagined! Of course that you do not specifically target them but serving to such clients does not harm your brand image it just adds the colour of empathy to it. It is not bad, right?


5. You may not need a consultant for branding

With the fear of shooting myself in the foot I have to confess, You need not worry about a fancy logo or even an impactful brand name right at the start. Once your product or service is reaching out to right people, a business with any name – your own name, for instance, will do fantastic. Engage your resources in the quality of your work rather than worrying about how it looks. If the product is the right fit, people will find out a way to remember you.

There are plenty successful small businesses and freelancers who have less than perfect branding and dubious logos, but they have an awesome reputation for themselves through word of mouth. You can always invest in a pleasing visual identity at a later stage.

So don’t panic, just launch and get started and see where it takes you! And for the free consultation, feel free to approach me via the comments section or click here.


One thought on “Efficient Branding ideas for startups

  1. Extremely significant and comprehensive write up; along with honest and genuine tipoffs.. It can be a lifesaver for an aspiring entreprenuer especially after Mr.Modiji’s #startupindia sceme..! Very well summarized…👍🏻


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