What do you think tops a consumer mind? Simple. What you have that others don’t. You might have the same offerings that  of your competitor, but your success rate depends on what customer recollects for your product/service when not in the influence of its promotion? That’s your true Brand perception.

There are many ideas to come up with a brand identity for the organizations. But branding your own self is equally important.

My passion lies for “personal branding” since childhood, completely unaware of the term then. My dad often repeated, “We are Different.” He made me look at myself as ‘leader – who does not follow the crowd, rather crowd follows him.’ A dancer at heart, I often dreamt of dancing with celebrities while observing their stage performances. An eleven-year-old brain rebelled against Dad’s denial at that time. Honestly, I could not understand his feelings at that time. But now, after tasting some real life audience myself, I find myself in different shoes. I understand. I agree to the fact that I do not need to stand behind the celebrities. Instead, I can be the celebrity & I AM, in my own way.

This is not my self-perception rather my clients’. They found me a successful Brand Strategist because I paved the path for them.

A simple lesson of life is “World perceives you to be, what You allow them to”

Personal Branding is about communicating what makes you unique. Start identifying your strengths, skills, passions, and values, you can use this information to position yourself from your competitors and really stand out. This is the first step, even to get hired for an entry-level position.

Personal Branding is very powerful because it sends a clear, consistent and correct message about who you are and what you have to offer. A strong, authentic personal brand helps you to become known for what you’re good at, sets you apart from everyone else, and can position you as a niche expert in that particular area of work.

For instance, We might depend on a particular individual to make the last minute arrangements. Because he has an image of “good-at-working-under-pressure,” but believe me, we hardly think of asking that person from the start. This is because we form an image of every individual around us, knowingly or unknowingly. This image depends on how the person portrays himself in front of you. That’s why, we think of some people to be good at managing the backstage while invite a show stealer to entertain the crowd.

We secretly tag each and everyone with some or the other adjective relating to their expertise, visible to us. This way, in our minds, we brand – we create impressions of others. Same thing happens to us when the table turns.Everyone around us has a persona built for us. Our image is based on the information exposed to the people judging us.

Each of us has a right and capacity to create a brand of ourselves…which could be worthy of a remark..!!

Share your thoughts with me in the comment section.

One thought on “Unique = Easy Recollection

  1. Very influential.. You gracefully persuade the readers to have and maintain self esteem, self confidence and self regard under any circumstances of life.. Thank you for expressing your wonderful thoughts and mentoring on this by sharing your own life event…


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